Recent Developments for GFNN investors
By Michael Markowski, October 8, 2019

Dear GFNN investor,

There have been two recent developments which are applicable to GFNN (former name Newsgrade):

  • In August 2019 all of GFNN’s assets, except Knobias, were purchased by me through the court ordered liquidation of the company’s assets. This includes the three cash-flow algorithms. Since the court ordered sale of the assets did NOT extinguish GFNN’s outstanding debt, it was necessary that I purchased the assets. My intention is to transfer the assets back to the company when the hostile creditors agree to convert their debt into shares at a reasonable price.
  • My fourth algorithm, the Bull & Bear Tracker has averaged a 3% monthly return from April of 2018 through the end of September 2019. This algorithm is very complementary to the algorithms since it reads market sentiment rather than Financial Statement metrics. Assuming that GFNN can be resurrected, the company and Dynasty Wealth which I founded after I departed GFNN could enter into a license or revenue sharing agreement. This would enable GFNN to leverage the Bull & Bear Tracker.

Based on the performance of the Bull & Bear Tracker, Dynasty Wealth is now in the process of becoming a professional money manager.  See Seismic Shift memo.  The intention is for GFNN to also become a professional money manager, assuming that its hostile creditors fall in line and that experienced money managers can be recruited to lead the company.  In hindsight GFNN, through its subsidiary should have become a professional money manager after I used the EPS Syndrome algorithm to predict the demises of Lehman, Merrill Lynch and Bear Stearns in my September 2007, Equities Magazine article entitled “Have Wall Street’s Brokers been Pigging Out?”.

In the event that the hostile creditors do not fall in line, there is a back-up plan. My cash flow that I will receive as a partner of Dynasty Wealth can enable me to personally purchase the shares and notes from GFNN investors for the full amounts invested.
The potential for my repurchasing all of the notes and shares by 2022 is feasible. My projected annual cash distributions from the Dynasty Wealth LLC have the potential to be greater than the aggregate amount invested by all of the GFNN investors. This includes the amounts invested by the holders of common stock and unsecured notes.

The reason why I care about getting you and all of GFNN’s investors at least their original investment back is because, in a perfect world, it’s the right thing to do. Without you and the other investors providing your financial support, I would have never become an expert at developing algorithms, etc. My algorithms have the potential to help many, many people create sustainable wealth for themselves and their families. It’s always been my professional mission to make a positive difference in the world relative to people’s financial opportunity and stability. With these algorithms, that goal is becoming a reality.

Finally, if you are invested in stocks or mutual funds; you or whoever manages your investments should consider using the Bull & Bear Tracker’s signal alerts. The Bull & Bear Tracker has an advantage over stocks and mutual funds in declining and volatile markets since it trades exchange traded funds (ETFs) that go up in price when the market goes down. The versatility of the Bull & Bear Tracker to generate profits for both stock market advances and declines during the April 2018 through September 2019 period resulted in the following:

  • A return of 55 percent for the published signals vs. 15 percent for the S&P 500.
  • A lower risk than the S&P 500 for monthly, quarterly, six month and 12 month investing time horizons.

Since Etrade and Schwab reduced to their commissions to zero this week I highly recommend that you take advantage by investing a small amount to trade the Bull & Bear Tracker’s signals.  This will enable you to test drive the Bull & Bear Tracker so that you can get a feel for it.  Also check out the Bull & Bear Tracker web site.

To subscribe to the Bull & Bear Tracker’s FREE signal alerts click here.

If you wish to have your financial advisor use the Bull & Bear Tracker, contact me by email at or by phone at 954-218-9424.

Again, I can’t thank you enough for your continuing support.  It is my goal that you not only recoup your investment, but that you also profit from the support that you provided to GFNN.

I look forward to prosperous times ahead for all of us.

Michael Markowski, Founder