Investview (INVU) shares trading at a price below $0.10 presents yet another opportunity for GFNN shareholders to buy low and sell high.  The chart at the bottom of the page reflects that the share price went to as high as $0.79 after they were recommended in numerous shareholder updates at prices below $0.03.  Read my 12/8/21 update entitled “Back up the Truck to buy INVU shares”.       

The gains by those GFNN shareholders (see testimonials below), who explicitly followed my instructions to purchase shares in 2019 and to sell them in 2021, averaged 2,000%.   The gains are in line with the gains produced by Investools (15,700%) and TRM Corp (2,190%) which I gave to GFNN shareholders in 2003.   For more about alerts given to GFNN shareholders from 2003 to 2021 go to GFNN Trading and Investing Alerts.  

I am now projecting that INVU shares will reach a minimum of $0.37 in 2022.   This would represent a 270% gain assuming the shares are purchased for $0.10.  The projected price is equivalent to a 50 percent retracement of the 73 cents decline from the $0.79 peak in April 2021 to the $0.06 low in November 2021.   Since the share price closed at $0.0723 on 12/8/21 do not procrastinate.       

Every GFNN investor should:

  • Have a minimum of 100,000 shares of INVU at $0.10 or below and
  • Subscribe to my complementary buy and sell alerts which are exclusively available to GFNN investors.   Sign up below to subscribe to GFNN INVU alerts.

If you decide to purchase INVU shares please sign up to be alerted so that I can text you for when profits should be taken. The new alert system which has the capability to send text messages was developed to enable efficient communications between myself and shareholders during periods of high volatility.

A period of high volatility occurred in April when INVU shares rocketed to $0.79, an increase of 34% as compared to the prior day’s $0.59 close. The share price action and volume had indicated an interim top. I was able to contact almost everyone by phone on that day. Those who purchased shares at $0.03 or below in August 2019 were able to sell their shares for gains of 15 to 45 times what they paid for them before the price plummeted. All are now repurchasing shares at prices below $0.10.

Below are testimonials from some of the GFNN shareholders who followed my instructions to buy and sell INVU shares. The average gain was above 2,000%.

Testimonials Prices and Gains:

I purchased shares as low as $0.017 and sold shares as high as $0.60 (2,529%).

Dick Hyslop, Florida

I purchased shares below $0.03 and sold shares at above $0.50 (1,566%)

Joe Greenspan, Wisconsin

I purchased shares at an average of $0.02 and sold shares for as high as $0.70 (3,400%)

Vincent R., Florida

I purchased shares for as low as 0.016 and sold shares as high as $0.749 (4,562%)

Brooks B., Washington

I am very thankful to all of GFNN’s investors for providing the capital for the development of the systems to enable me to create proprietary algorithms which have been utilized to make extreme long and short recommendations for publicly traded companies. Unfortunately, GFNN was never able to capitalize from its subscription model to provide returns to shareholders. However, from 2003 through 2021, I have continued to help those Newsgrade/GFNN/ who have maintained contact with me to make significant gains.

By end of 2021, I will be providing an update about how my plan is going to eventually get all GFNN investors paid back. Things have been going very well.

Happy Holidays,

Michael Markowski,
GFNN founder

A. 8/14/2019, “Based on the last price of $0.024 the shares could potentially multiply by 15 and 60 times respectively.”

B. 11/27/2019, “Based on comparable debt to equity ratios the valuation would go to $600 million, an equivalent share price of $0.35.”   

C. 2/25/2021, “GFNN shareholders who followed my recommendation to buy shares of former GFNN subsidiary, Investview in my August 2019 shareholder update have a profit of 800%”

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