Due to all of the high-performance algorithms that I have developed over the last five years there is not a day that has gone by for which I am not thankful to everyone who invested in GFNN.  

With each passing day the algorithms reduce the risk and increase the returns for more and more investors.  Its why I am increasingly confident that I am going to be able to personally repurchase the shares and notes of all GFNN’s investors at the prices which were paid by end of 2022.

While there is good news on the horizon for you get the money back from your investment in GFNN, there is bad news.  My empirical research of all secular markets from 1810 to 2020 (defined by 8-20 year up trends which are followed by 8-20 year down trends & vice versa) indicate that last month the US entered its third secular bear stock market since 1966. The prior two had minimum durations of eight years and declines of 45%. However, the worst is that it took a minimum of 15 years for the market to climb back to high it was at prior to both of the prior Secular Bears.

You are fully aware of what I can predict from the algorithms that I develop from conducting empirical research including the collapse of Lehman, etc.   Therefore, it would be a pity for you to lose more in the market from now through 2022, than the amount you will recoup from when I purchase your GFNN shares.  

To be fully knowledgeable about the risk you are facing I invite you to view a recording of my presentation about secular markets that I gave last week at the Money Show.  It’s a must view for anyone who owns stocks or mutual funds since it explains the following: 

  1. The difference between a cyclical and secular bear market.  Understanding the distinction will enable you to reduce your risk and to increase your upside for your stock market investments for the rest of your life.    
  2. Why the Secular Bull investing strategies, including those used throughout the 2009-2021 Secular Bull, won’t work for Secular Bear markets which have historically had minimum declines of 45% and durations of 8 to 20 years.
  3. The types of investments which work during a Secular Bear Market.  

The time is of the essence to learn about a Secular Bear and their viciousness.  Additionally, the significant increase for US government bond yields, the subject of my most recent article “Treasury Yield Spikes since 1986 followed by 41% declines for stocks” is yet another reason why the stock market, which is near its all-time, is at great risk.