In my October 8, 2019, shareholder update, I introduced the idea of my purchasing the shares and notes held by GFNN’s investors.  I said “The potential for my repurchasing all of the notes and shares by 2022 is feasible”. 

In my March 23, 2021 update I said “I am increasingly confident that I am going to be able to personally repurchase the shares and notes of all GFNN’s investors at the prices which were paid by end of 2022”.   

What frustrates me the most is that everyone invested in GFNN to make a multiple return on their investment.  Everyone believed that I could make it happen.  The only reason why it did not happen is because I was ousted.  Had I remained in control I would have never given up.  I would have never put GFNN into receivership. 

The Dynasty Wealth LLC (DW) was founded as a digital Social Investing Community (SIC) in 2014, after I left GFNN.  Based on DW’s highly scalable digital revenue model, a DW unit has the potential to multiply by 100 times from $1.00 to $100 by 2022 and to $1,000 by 2024.  DW’s revenue model and the path it will take to liquidity is very similar to Black Rock (BLK) which is valued for $115 billion.  Should DW reach a similar valuation the price of a partnership unit could potentially reach $10,000 by the end of the decade.   

I am considering to attempt to find a way to transfer a portion of holdings in DW to GFNN investors in lieu of utilizing my cash distributions or selling my holdings in the future to repurchase everyone’s investments.  There might be a way to do this through a trust so everyone including myself does not incur any income tax liability.  Before I expend any effort and resources to do this, I need feedback from as many GFNN investors as possible.       

The trust, which would become a partner of Dynasty Wealth LLC, would enable the following:

  • For my vision in 1977 (to specialize in finding opportunities to deliver 10X returns for my clients) to become my reality. View 4:07 clip from my NYSE interview below about how my vision was conceived.     
  • *The cash distributions from DW to the Trust would be passed on to all of the trust’s beneficiaries (GFNN investors).       
  • The potential for capital gains of 1,000% or greater for GFNN investors by as soon as 2024. To better understand how this is possible view video (4:01) below entitled “Digital Disruptor companies have the potential to get to $10 billion valuations quickly”.

*Since DW is an LLC it is required by the IRS to distribute 99% of its profits every year to its partners including a partner which is a trust.  The trust’s income is then passed on to its beneficiaries.  Since DW is in the asset management business it receives cash fees which are equivalent to a percentage of the assets managed.  Since DW’s algorithms produce profits in declining markets and have the capacity to manage $100 billion the cash distributions will be significant.  The two charts at the very bottom of the page depict the BBT Algorithm producing gains of 100.29% for year ended 2020 and 195% for three years ended 2020.  The S&P 500 had gains of 13.48% and 36% for the same periods respectively.

Below are the two choices.  To vote requires that button below is clicked and a name and email address for voter be entered.  A ballot will be sent automatically to the email address.    

  • My interest is to have my investment purchased for what I paid as soon as possible?
  • I am willing to be patient for a 10X return?

Keep in mind that the establishment of a trust is 50/50 proposition.  The biggest hurdle will be how to not incur significant income tax liability.

Finally, my plan since I entered the securities industry and acquired the vision for my career in 1977, was to have all of my contacts throughout my career to join me in the winner’s circle.  I would like nothing better than to have each and every GFNN investor with me in the Dynasty Wealth winner’s circle.

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Digital disruptor companies have the potential to get $10 billion valuations quickly 4:01
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1/5 – Markowski Visionary Analyst 1977-1984
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