GFNN shareholder,

Investview, GFNN’s former publicly owned subsidiary has an investor webinar scheduled for today Wednesday August 14, 2019 at 4:30PM EST. You may own or may have owned shares in the subsidiary which has not only survived, but thrived. The prior names for the subsidiary were “The Retirement Solution” and “Global Investor Services”.

After Investview’s share price crashed to below a penny the company underwent a baptism by fire. Revenue for its most recent fiscal year grew by 50% to approximately $30 million. Investview’s recently becoming a robo investment advisor was the origin of the decision for GFNN to also become a robo investment advisor.

My recent report entitled “Investview has exponential potential” provides the rationale supporting my projection for Investiew’s share price to go from a few pennies to more than a dollar. Investview is similar to Investools, which I recommended to many GFNN shareholders at $0.20 and in the OPS Newsletter at $1. Ameritrade acquired Investools for approximately $10 per share.

My report on Investview and reports on the other penny stocks that I am recommending are available at The site’s specialty is to identify shares under $5 with the potential to increase by 100% within a year and 500% within five years. For a one year free subscription to insert “GFNN” into the coupon code after you click:

Click the link below to register for the Investview investor webinar at 4:30PM today.

Disclosure:   Michael Markowski is paid $2500 per month to identify and recommend startups to the subscribers of Kuvera Global, a subsidiary of Investview.