The 8/23/23 GFNN update mentioned that EmotionTrac was the key for GFNN investors to recoup some or all of the monies they invested into GFNN.  The update also mentioned the opportunity to invest $6,000 in EmotionTrac.  The company was discovered due to it being a finalist for Florida Atlantic University’s best business plan award.  Based on Microsoft becoming a marketing partner of EmotionTrac for the week ended September 16, 2023, $6,000 could increase to $253,160 in late 2024 or early 2025.  See my 9/19/23 update.  

EmotionTrac provides huge upside because it has similar traits as UBER, Airbnb, Snapchart and WhatsApp had in their early stages.  The table below depicts that a $6,000 seed round investment in any one of the companies increased to between $9.5 million and $120 million within 5 to 9 years.

The update also included a table (see below) that contained projections for the value of a $6,000 (4,000 shares @ $1.50) upon certain events occurring.  Under a worst-case scenario $6,000 increased to $25,332 and the best-case scenario is $5.8 million.  Please note.  Risk for EmotionTrac going to zero is low since company has been issued three AI related patents and it has no debt.        

EmotionTrac’s $1.50 share price offering is scheduled to officially close at 11:59PM today, September 21, 2023.  A new offering will commence at a much higher price on Friday September 22, 2023.

There is still an opportunity for you to receive a $6,000 allocation (4,000 shares @$1.50) .
For how to invest read below

How to invest in EmotionTrac

Signed subscription documents must be received by 11:59PM EST on Thursday 9/21/23.  Funds can be wired on 9/21/23 or checks dated for 9/21/23 can be sent and received by EmotionTrac after 9/21/23.  EmotionTrac will hold checks and not deposit them until the funds from the sales of securities are transferred to the check writer’s bank account.   

If you do not have $6,000 handy, my suggestion is that $6,000 of losing positions that you hold be sold.  This link will take you to a video of my suggesting to a woman to sell her losers to purchase an extremely undervalued stock that I was recommending in 2019.  She followed my suggestion.  It enabled her to raise $18,000.  Shen then sold the shares purchased in 2021 for more than $400,000.  The video includes snapshots of her Ameritrade account for April of 2019 and April of 2012.

If you wish to participate fill out form below.  Also, send an email to and text me at 954-218-9424.  I do not want you to fall between the cracks.  EmotionTrac has a hard deadline for getting documents signed, etc.  The plan is to launch its next funding round at a substantially higher price on Friday September 22.


Michael Markowski,