Dear GFNN investor, 

As you are probably aware, my intention is for all of GFNN/Newsgrade’s investors to at least recoup their investments.   Hopefully, this can be accomplished via one of the two following methods during second half of 2024:

  • Pay cash to purchase shares at the price purchased
  • Exchange Dynasty Wealth LLC., shares or units for GFNN shares

For more about my intentions see The most frustrating thing concerning GFNN, March 28, 2021 | GFNN and make sure you vote for one of the options below if you have not already done so: 

Based on track that I took after I was removed from GFNN by Joe Holihan the probability is high for everyone to at least recoup their investments.   

After I departed GFNN, my focus was to conduct research on the unicorn companies in the table below.  I was hoping to find their common denominators.  This would enable me to find startups that had similar traits.

The Dynasty Wealth LLC (DW) was founded after I discovered the common denominators.  My methodology was the same that I utilized to issue my September 2007 warning for the five U.S. brokers to collapse including Lehman Brothers.   

Dynasty Wealth is an investing community.  It matches startups that have 100X upside potential with its member investors.  DW’s fees include cash and also shares from the startups who become members.

Therefore, DW’s equity stake in any one of the startups in its portfolio has the potential to be valued for more than the aggregate amount that was invested into GFNN.

The first startup, EmotionTrac was identified upon its winning the best business plan contest that was held by Florida Atlantic University.

EmotionTrac has grown its revenue for two consecutive years and has been awarded three patents.  Microsoft is very interested to integrate EmotionTrac’s software into several of its products including its new ChatGPT-powered Copilot product.  For this and since the company is on Amazon’s and Meta’s radar screen the probability is high for the price of the shares of EmotionTrac to multiply by 100 times.

The table below includes the assumptions for a $6,000 investment in EmotionTrac.  They assume that 4,000 shares are purchased for $6,000 and that one or more of the events with Microsoft occurs by end of 2024.  Read my report “How $6K can become $5.8 Million in a Year or less?”  It includes links to all of the due diligence material hat is needed by a professional investor to invest:

Dynasty Wealth has a significant stake in EmotionTrac.   Upon EmotionTrac reaching a certain valuation the shares that Dynasty Wealth holds in it will become liquid and the liquidity and valuation of Dynasty Wealth will also increase. 

Anyone who reads my above report and views the video clip updates contained in it would agree that the price of an EmotionTrac share will increase steadily and significantly.   EmotionTrac is an extremely rare opportunity.  The company’s current round at a share price of $1.50 will soon be fully subscribed and the company will open its next round at a higher price.  Prior rounds were priced at $0.50 and $1.00 per share.    

EmotionTrac has agreed to allocate the remaining shares available in increments of 4,000 shares so that as many GFNN investors as possible have the opportunity to participate.   If you might want to participate, I suggest that you make it a priority to reply to this email.   I will reserve an allocation for you.  You can then conduct your due diligence by reading the report which contains links to the SEC, etc., before you make your final decision.  Based on the limited number of shares available only a fraction of GFNN’s shareholders will be able to participate.


Best Regards,

Michael Markowski