I am recommending to everyone who I know including all GFNN shareholders to acquire significant stakes in SQI Diagnostics (ticker: SQIDF) at a buy limit price of $0.05 per share.  The price of a SQI share reached an all-time low in March 2023, representing a 99.25% decline from the all-time high.

My April 1, 2023 video stated that SQI has the best risk reward ratio for any stock that I have recommended in 46 years.  In another video I predicted that SQI will soon become one of my top four performers throughout my 46 year career.  For why see,  “Timing is Finally Right for SQI Diagnostics” article.

In 2019, I recommended that all GFNN shareholders acquire Investview (ticker: INVU) shares.  INVU was my second-best performing stock pick throughout my 46 years career with a multiple or gain of 22.2 times amount invested from 2019 to 2021. The chart at the bottom of the page reflects my 2019 buy limit prices for Investview.  I initially recommended the shares via ShinyPennyStocks.com on July 18, 2019 with a $0.03 price limit.  After the shares reached a 2021 high on April 5, 2021, they immediately declined and closed at $0.49.  See “Investview has Exponential Potential”, July 18, 2019.

Note.  Most GFNN shareholders understand that I have expertise at identifying shares at under $1 prices which multiply by more than 10 times.   See “Free Cash Flow” video about the screen that I developed to find the two of my three best ever performers if you have not already viewed it. 

Throughout the summer of 2019, I recommended, to those GFNN shareholders who had kept in regular contact with me to acquire minimum positions of 1,000,000 shares of Investview.  When the share price spiked to above $0.70 on April 5, 2021, I called them and suggested that they SELL. 

The testimonials below are from several of the GFNN shareholders who followed my instructions implicitly.  They all purchased shares at $0.03 or below and sold their shares between $0.50 and $0.75.  Gains ranged from 1,556% to 4,562% in less than two years.  The profits they made dwarfed the amounts they had invested into GFNN.  

GFNN Shareholders Testimonials Prices and Gains:

“I purchased shares as low as $0.017 and sold shares as high as $0.60 (2,529%).”
Dick Hyslop, Florida

“I purchased shares below $0.03 and sold shares at above $0.50 (1,566%)”
Joe Greenspan, Wisconsin

“I purchased shares at an average of $0.02 and sold shares for as high as $0.70 (3,400%)”
Vincent R., Florida

“I purchased shares for as low as 0.016 and sold shares as high as $0.749 (4,562%)”
Brooks B., Washington


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Finally, I am still optimistic that all of GFNN shareholders will get their capital returned or make a multiple on the amount that they invested.

Michael Markowski,