GFNN investor, 

You have yet to read my email subject:  “Former GFNN sub. shares up by 8 times since shareholder update” which was sent to you yesterday evening. To understand my rationale for my making it a top priority to provide exceptional opportunities to GFNN investors read the update.

My biggest mistake was in not better communicating the penny stocks that the software was finding to all of the shareholders.  Had that happened everyone would have recouped their original investments by 2004.  The excess profits could have been plowed back into GFNN increasing the probability for success.

My second biggest mistake was not being more emphatic and not following up after I alerted everyone in my August 2019, “Shares of former GFNN subsidiary ready to take off” update.  Again, those who invested even a small amount had minimum gains of 8 times their investment.  

They were able to fully recoup their entire GFNN investment and then some.

Investools is a great example.  I gave the recommendation to any and all of the shareholders who were keeping in touch with me back in 2003 at a price as low of $0.13.  I waited for months to recommend it in the OPS newsletter since we had a policy of not recommending shares at prices below $1.00.  There was not a doubt in my mind that the share price would go to $1.  The share price eventually went to $15 and then it was acquired by Ameritrade.  

The most efficient way for me to communicate with all of the GFNN shareholders who want high reward and low risk opportunities which would enable them to recoup their GFNN investment is to give free access to   

The life sciences company which was just recommended this week, the first recommendation since Investview in 2019, is another slam dunk
It’s imperative that you utilize the free pass until I repurchase your shares or notes code “GFNN” to subscribe without having to pay the annual $199 subscription fee.

Michael Markowski 954-218-9424