Do not miss out on my latest rare opportunity, those GFNN shareholders who followed my recommendation to buy shares of former GFNN subsidiary, Investview in my August 2019 shareholder update have a profit of 800% as of the February 2021 closing price for the shares.

I recommended the Investview shares to all shareholders as a “Thank you”. It was the least that I could do while everyone awaits my repurchasing their investments which is projected to occur by the end of 2022 or sooner.

Since I have learned that some shareholders missed the Investview boat, I am sharing another rare slam dunk penny stock opportunity.  

This week the shares of the life sciences company were recommended on my web site. The recommendation was the first since 2019.  Similar to Investview:

  • Share price of $0.35 is at a 90% discount to the 10-year high.     
  • Company on verge of becoming significantly profitable 

A complete research report which covers the company’s proprietary Covid-19 and Cadaver Lung testing products which are awaiting FDA approval and share price projections is now available at The site was developed to feature penny stocks which have a minimum of five times upside potential with three to five years.   

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My priority is for all shareholders to be able to profit from my research until they have recouped their GFNN investments without having to pay $199 for an annual subscription.

Due to a new secular bear market beginning in January 2021, I anticipate that the number of high-quality penny shares will increase exponentially.   
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Finally, I can not thank you enough for providing the capital to Newsgrade/GFNN.  Without it I would not have ever become an algorithm developer.  Due to my algorithms that I developed since I was removed from GFNN knocking the cover off of the ball everyone will probably get their shares purchased much faster.   

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