Game changing announcement by former GFNN subsidiary

Former GFNN subsidiary, Investview (former names, and Global Investor services) recently made a game changing announcement about its wholly owned SafeTek subsidiary retaining investment banker J. D. Merit to secure a $120 million debt financing.  The proceeds will be utilized by SafeTek to purchase high speed data mining and analysis equipment. Based on my analysis the equipment purchases could potentially generate hundreds of millions of pre-tax income annually for Investview by as early as 2020.  

The new development has increased the probability that Investview’s (OTCBB:INVU) share price will reach Shiny-Pennies’ targets of $0.37 in 2020 and $1.50 in 2025.  Based on the last price of $0.024 the shares could potentially multiply by 15 and 60 times respectively.

J.D. Merit has 23 years of experience and has raised $9.6 billion.  Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Prudential are a few of its many lender clients who have provided debt financing to its investment banking clients.  J.D. Merit has also assisted numerous companies to be acquired including well known restaurant chains Subway and Taco Del Mar. Below is a short list of some of the more notable acquirors of the firm’s investment banking clients.   

  • General Electric
  • Wells Fargo
  • General Mills
  • United Technologies
  • Mutual of Omaha

The new investment banking relationship has also substantially reduced the biggest risk for Investview and its shareholders, which is potential share DILUTION.  Now that the company has a credible investment bank which, has a track record of providing debt financing Investview does not have to issue additional shares to raise capital.  

Additionally, the company earlier in November reported its second consecutive quarter of positive operating cash flow.   

Investview shares should be aggressively purchased at or below Shiny-Pennies’ current price limit of $0.03.  Upon Investview announcing that J.D. Merit has secured the $120 million for its SafeTek subsidiary, the parent company’s valuation would justify an immediate and exponential increase.  Based on comparable debt to equity ratios the valuation would go to $600 million, an equivalent share price of $0.35.   

Based on the recent new developments Investview clearly has the potential to become a $10 stock during the new decade beginning in 2020.  It ranks among those stocks with the most potential throughout my career and could potentially surpass Investools as my best ever. The share price of Investools, which was acquired by Ameritrade multiplied by approximately 100 times.  

Click below to Shiny-Pennies research report, comments and share price limit history for Investview. 

Disclosure.  Author Michael Markowski, is paid $2500 per month by Investview subsidiary, Kuvera Global LLC to be their startups expert.