Dynasty Wealth member invitee 11-23-19

We have received questions from other prospective partners about how Dynasty Wealth (DW) benefits from Jinglz success?     

DW has received cash and shares as compensation from Jinglz since the startup became a member of Dynasty Wealth in 2016.   

Assuming that Jinglz reaches its maximum discounted cash flow valuation of $156.34 per share, DW’s gain would be approximately $100 million.  Based on a pro-rata distribution of the gain, a $10,000 DW stakeholder would receive approximately $100,000.   

Dynasty Wealth has a second digital startup which became a member in 2015 that is projected to produce a gain for the partnership.  The startup just launched its first digital product and revenue has grown to $100,000 per month. Based on its growth rate the company will be cash flow positive by the second quarter of 2020.  

Since Dynasty Wealth decided to become a professional money manager (see August 2019, Seismic Shift memo) and since you were invited to become a partner, Dynasty Wealth’s startup business has come to life.  Now that two of DW’s digital startups have sprouted its startups business is also positioned to produce substantial profits and distributions to its partners.  

Finally, since the price of a partnership unit is the same as it was in 2015, a partner joining in 2019, has the same benefits as an existing partner.   Yet the new partner has much less risk.

For more on Jinglz seed recent partner updates: 

  • November 18th about the digital company’s CAMPAIGN TESTER™, the first ever smart phone app that reads emotions.  
  • November 19th video testimonial by a leading digital sales expert sales and about Jinglz newest advisor, Google’s former head of sales positioning Jinglz for exponential growth.    

Disclosure: Michael Markowski is paid $2500 per month to identify and recommend startups to the subscribers of Kuvera Global, a subsidiary of Investview.