Dear GFNN shareholder,

GFNN is planning to become a robo investment advisor. GFNN’s goal is to have $1 billion of assets under management (“AUM”) by end of 2021. GFNN’s net income from charging a percentage fee on AUM will provide the foundation for a share price of above $1.00 by 2022.

Growth in AUM and the new products which I have envisioned will provide potential for GFNN’s share price to go much higher.

When I left GFNN in 2014, I made two vows:

  • To come up with a plan to enable all GFNN shareholders to make a profit.
  • For none of GFNN’s existing shareholders to ever again be asked to make an additional investment.

The first vow has come to pass. Stay tuned for more details about:

  • How you can help to get GFNN financed without investing a dime
  • GFNN’s entering the global $88 trillion investment management industry

Michael Markowski, GFNN founder